Sampson County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Jimmy Thornton


Cold Cases

Josh Kirvin

Josh Kirvin was found dead outside his Keener Road home two days after Christmas 2002, the victim of multiple gunshot wounds. Kirvins boss, Charles Long became concerned when the man didn't show up for work and went to his employee's residence. Once there, he discovered Kirvin dead. Several leads have been followed in an effort to identify, but all leads have been exhausted. Originally from South Carolina, Kirvin served as a laborer working on a Sampson County farm. Following the discovery of his dead body, authorities found that he had been shot multiple times. The investigation into Kirven's death was hampered because his identity was not immediately known. It took approximately two weeks after his death before his identity could be confirmed.

Roseboro Double Murder

Two men were found murdered in a Roseboro-area home in January 2006, both the victims of multiple gunshot wounds in a scene described as "gruesome'' by Sampson County's Medical Examiner. One of the victims, Gluner Sanchez, 33, of Pine Log Lane, Roseboro, was shot several times. An autopsy conducted on the other male victim, whose name is being withheld while investigators attempt to notify his relatives, revealed that he was also the victim of several gunshot wounds. The man was in his twenties and was reportedly staying at Sanchez's home at time of murder. The scene was discovered when EMS personnel responded to the home just after 6 p.m. January 21 after receiving a call of an unconscious subject. When a EMS unit arrived, they found the bodies of the two men and notified Sheriff authorities.

Jane Doe

On July,20 1990, a man riding his all-terrain vehicle in a wooded area in the Timothy community near Newton Grove stumbled upon a horrific sight- the decomposing body of a female. The woman's identification has never been obtained despite multiple autopsies and a detailed physical description. The cause of death has never been determined, although it is considered suspicious. Officials with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Chapel Hill said the woman was believed to have been dead for approximately two weeks before her body was found, off a dirt roar near Easy Street. Dr. Barr conducted the initial examination on the woman's body and said the body was decomposed "pretty far" and to the point where only her skeleton remained in some places. Extensive deterioration is the primary reason for the limited progress in identifying the woman. The victim is described as a white female between the ages of 18 and 25, and approximately 5 feet, 4 inches tall. She weighed about 110 pounds and had reddish, brown hair. The victim was found fully clothed, in jeans and a tank top.

Gerald Adrian May (NC State Highway Patrol Case)

On July 6, 2006, Gerald Adrian May, was struck by a motor vehicle (believed to be a tractor/trailor style truck) and killed around 10:00 PM, while pushing his bicycle along NC Highway 24 near Clinton, NC. The driver of the vehicle never stopped and left the scene. Anyone with information on the death of Gerald Adrian May is urged to contact the N.C. State Highway Patrol at (910) 592-3141.

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