Sampson County Sheriff's Office
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Public Permits and Forms


Weapons Permit Application

Personal Property Identification Record

Employment Packet

Basic Law Enforcement Sponsorship Application Packet

Sampson County Noise Ordinance

Attorney Request for DCI/SBI Access - Word (Fill-in)

Attorney Request for DCI/SBI Access - PDF (Fill-in)


Important Information Regarding Weapons Permits

*Permit must be delivered in person to the Sheriff's Office by the Applicant.
*Applications are only valid for 30 days.
*Processing time is 48 hours.
*Up to five permits may be purchased at time of pick up.
*Permits are $5.00 each and correct change is required.
*Permits are valid for five years.
*A copy of your drivers license with correct information is required.

Concealed Permit Requirements

Disqualifiers for Concealed Permits

Concealed Permit Renewal Information

Rules for Carrying Concealed Weapons

Information Regarding Restoration of Firearms Rights for a Non-Violent Felony Conviction

General Information on Requirements and Process

Petition to Restore Fireams Rights